Home Theater

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or looking to fully update your current setup, with our help, you’ll walk away with a completely custom, home theater solution.

This option may be right for you if

  • You’ve been thinking about installing a home theater for a while, but you’re not sure where to start
  • You want an elegant, user friendly system that’s easy to operate
  • You want to hand off your home theater setup and installation to an experienced professional, who’ll be available for questions even after service is complete.
What this service includes:
  • Complimentary, in-home consultation and estimate
  • Projector mounting and installation
  • Installation of projection screen (fixed or motorized)
  • Installation of in-wall surround sound speakers (or connection of floor standing speakers)
  • Subwoofer and receiver installation
  • Wire concealment 
  • Source integration and calibration
  • Customer education
  • One-year workmanship warranty

Do I have to supply my own equipment? 
No, we carry projectors, screens A/V receivers, speakers, subwoofers (you name it) to fit any space or budget from top brands like Pioneer, Dragonfly, Episode, and Sonos – all you do is make the popcorn!

What about acoustic panels?
If you’ve been to a movie theater, chances are you’ve seen an acoustic panel. They hang on walls like pictures and are intended to absorb unwanted noise, like echo, within a space. If you’re interested in enhancing your space’s sound quality, acoustic panels may be an add on worth exploring.

I want seating, do you do that too?
We'll gladly help with installation and structural prep (i.e. raised seating), however, no, we don't officially sell furniture.


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