About Us

Tennessee Valley Hangers
Hey there! We’re Brian and Tera Barringer, husband and wife team, owners and operators of Tennessee Valley Hangers.
We’re so grateful you want to know a little bit more about us!

Jumping right in...

This entire business idea was inspired by our love for home, family, and our resolved desire to protect and foster the relationships within. In an era packed full of distraction, we want to bring families together! Whether it’s through music, media, or security - our mission is to render home a more fun, safe and beautiful place to be!

Who we are...


  • Operations Manager TVH, 3 years
  • Commercial/Residential Audio-Visual Integrator, 9 years
  • Field Service Technician, 6 years
  • Residential Framer/Construction & Repair, 15+ years 
      Random Facts
      • Avid tinkerer
      • Skilled baker
      • Classic car lover
      • Father of five
      Toasts To
      • Family
      • Hard work paying off
      • Football
      • Well-deserved vacations
      Listens To + Watches
      • Sports talk radio
      • ESPN
      • Rocket 95.1
      • Tech Talk
        Words to Live By

        'Kindness and compassion knows no political or religious boundaries'

        - Glenn L. Pace


        • Office Manager TVH, 3 years
        • Studied Business & Marketing at  SNHU
        • Stay At Home Mom, 5 years
        • Executive Assistant, 4 years
        • Office Assistant, 2 years
        Random Facts
        • Loves Jesus
        • Beauty school graduate
        • DIY'er
        • Seattle native
        Toasts To
        • Family
        • A job well done
        • Good hair days
        • Corny jokes
        Listens To + Watches
        • Business podcasts
        • Parenting podcasts
        • Star 99.1
        • 48 Hours
          Words to Live By

          'Optimism is magnetic, so put on your positive pants, it's a good day to be happy!'

          - Tera Barringer