Custom Networking
Custom Networking
Custom Networking

Custom Networking

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This option may be right for you if

  • You want to ensure you have the speed for streaming movies and smart home devices
  • You need solutions for dead spots and slow speeds
  • You’re interested in customizing advanced network settings, like parental controls
What this service includes:
  • Complimentary, no obligation estimate
  • Installation and setup of one of our supplied or recommended routers
  • Installation and setup of our supplied or recommended wireless access points
  • Network password protection
  • Customization of advanced network settings
  • Customer education

I want a stable Wi-Fi connection across my entire property, even outside, can you help with that?
We sure can! We can expand your wireless coverage to the patio, deck, or guest house with an outdoor, all weather, wireless access point.

I have fiber, isn’t my system already running at full speed?
Good question! Fiber does increase speed, however, it does not provide even an Wi-Fi signal across your whole home. So yes, and no (ha!).

Why not buy a network extender and be done with it?
In certain circumstances an extender may be adequate, however, if you're looking to stream and move freely about your home, an extender will not provide that type