Custom TV Mounting
Custom TV Mounting

Custom TV Mounting

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This option may be right for you if

  • Your TV is larger than 60”
  • You dislike unsightly wires as much as we do
  • You want to safeguard the investment you’ve already made in your TV and home
What this service includes:
  • Complimentary, in home estimate
  • Installation of one, large TV mounting bracket
  • Drywall, rock, brick, or concrete installations available
  • No power/cable outlet nearby? No problem! (We retrofit and conceal all types of wires)
  • Securing the TV and load testing the hardware
  • In-wall cord concealment
  • TV calibration
  • One-year workmanship warranty

Do I have to purchase my own mount?
You’re more than welcome to supply your own mount, or, conveniently purchase one of our quality, weight tested and rated mounts.

What about HDMI cords? 
We keep those handy! There is an added fee for our HDMIs, but our prices are competitive, and our quality…unrivaled.

Can you hide my cable box? 
We thought you’d never ask! We’re meticulous – we delight in a clean-cut install, so yes, of course!

Will you also mount my soundbar? 
We most certainly will, just let the technician know you’re interested, and they’ll gladly discuss all of the add-on features that may be available to you.

I live in a condo/apartment; can you still hide my wires?